A Bitter Orange
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An SF Getaway


Somehow, neither of us had been to California. We've seen countless countries in Europe and traveled all around the U.S. and somehow still did not have California marked off our bucket list. So where better to start than San Francisco? We fell in love from touch down to take off, from the coast to the hills. We fell in love with Carl (the fog), Glamping in tents, and we found a new love for our calve muscles (hellooo inclines!). The natural beauty and stunning scenery of Northern California captured us as we captured it. We took slow, winding roads up the coast and slept in a tent on the cliff looking over the ocean. We sipped fine wine and let the day slip by us in Sonoma and also enjoyed the cityscapes and livelihood of San Francisco. It was our first California trip, but most certainly not our last. 

Roberto LassoComment